Top Notch Kennels offers THREE boarding facilities: Top Notch Kennels in Modesto, Top Notch Kennels in Turlock, and the Pee Wee Cottage in Modesto!

Whether it’s for a day or an extended period of time, we are here to provide a fun, safe, clean, and worry-free stay for your furry family member. We are dedicated to the well-being of our canine companions. Our highly educated, compassionate, dog loving staff is waiting to welcome you.

Our spacious suites are equipped with comfy beds and blankets, full A/C and heating, and soothing music. All guests are served 2 delicious meals each day, a snack at bedtime and given potty breaks throughout the day. If you wish to bring food from home, please bring enough for your dog’s boarding stay. Bag each meal individually, labeled with your dog’s name and if it is for the AM or PM meal. See below for additional, stimulating and fun services available to add to any boarding stay.

We provide each guest with a “suitcase” (about the size of a shoe box). You are welcome to bring items for your dog that will fit in this container.

Book your boarding reservation online or for new clients please call Modesto at 209.523.3138 or Turlock at 209.656-1960.

Please review our health requirements and download the necessary registration forms.

Boarding Rates

Standard Suite | $40 – Top Notch Kennels in Modesto or Turlock
Up to a comfy 48 square feet for guests.
Multiple dog discount in same family, $38 per day per dog.

Bungalow | $40 – Pee Wee Cottage in Modesto or Top Notch Kennels in Turlock
Pee Wee Cottage is specially suited for your little dogs weighing less than 25 pounds! It’s the same great, loving care as Top Notch Kennels with the comfort of a home environment! Look for the cottage with the red door just prior to our main entrance.
Multiple dog discount in same family, $38 per day per dog.

Deluxe Suite | $42 – Top Notch Kennels in Modesto or Turlock
A roomy 64 square feet for single or multiple guests.
Multiple dog discount in same family, $40 per day per dog.

Palace Suite | $44 – Top Notch Kennels in Modesto
A spacious 96 square feet for single or multiple guests.
Multiple dog discount in same family, $42 per day per dog.

"When vacationing at a resort, we are comforted knowing Ivy is well cared for at HER resort. The staff and environment at Top Notch Kennels cater to all her needs, including grooming and lots of exercise!"

~John and Juli Campbell

Check In/Out:

You may check in or check out anytime during office hours. Daily charges apply on check in date; there is no daily boarding charge if checked out before 10:30AM on the departure date.

Additional Services

Private Play – Individual 1-on-1 | $10
One of our human pack members will dedicate his or her time to your dog’s favorite activity; fetching the ball or Frisbee, petting, brushing, etc.  Timing varies from 20-40 minutes for this service depending on activity; a very energetic game of fetch might take less time, whereas something low-key like helping our office staff greet clients and their pets could last longer. This option is most often for the pooches who enjoy lots of activity or attention, but don’t prefer spending time with a group of dogs!

Group Play | $10
Group play activity is for those pups who enjoy the company of other dogs. An evaluation is required in order to consider your dog for group play activity. Group play for the boarding guest is three to four hours of off-leash play time on our play yards. Outdoor play yards have plenty of shade structures for hot or rainy weather and during the summertime heat there’s lots of fun water play and pools. Dogs are all supervised during group play and separated into several different groups based on play style, size, temperament, and activity level.

Please Note: Dogs over 12 months of age participating in group play must be spayed/neutered.

In-House Training | $45
This program is great for dogs that need a little extra help for certain behaviors, for example, sit, down, polite leash walking, greeting people politely, etc. Training can be booked during a boarding stay, a day of play, or while grooming! Schedule in-house training sessions ahead of time to ensure that we have availability.

Pedicure | $20
Make sure your pup is putting their best paw forward! Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed is important for healthy balance, posture, joints, muscles and comfort. Keep up with regular nail trims to keep them at a safe and comfortable length!

Grooming | Price varies according to breed, coat condition and haircut. Please call for a quote 209.523.3138.
Schedule a bath or complete grooming with a bath and haircut. All grooming services include a pedicure and dogs are always hand dried. The daily boarding fee for your departure day is waived if the grooming service is scheduled on the day of departure.

Administration of oral or topical medication | $1 per dose

Administration of aural medication | $2 per dose

Administration of injection | $5 per dose

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi